Maja Outerwear Albino

IDR 475,000.00

Maja Outerwear Albino

IDR 475,000.00
Product Description
At a time when you're more likely to debut clothes in the comfort of your home, we made a point of ensuring MAJA tailoring had a relaxed sensibility of comfortable loose-fit.
An Outerwear with voluminous sleeve and black on white contrasted embellishment detailing for all occasions that has an open front that can be fastened in two ways to create different silhouettes.

Made of Neoprene fabric with a very fine gauge thread with a touch of stretch. 

Bust: 112 cm
Sleeve Length: 44 cm
Outer Length: 87 cm

Available in two classical colours – Ebony & Albino

Hand-wash with cold water and mild detergent. Separate from other clothes to prevent discolouration.